Lifting Equipment For Large Scale Construction

lifting equipment large construction

At Lifting Gear Hire & Sales no job is too large. We have some of the highest capacity lifting equipment here in WA. Our equipment has been used on large scale construction projects and on more difficult and smaller projects.

In any lifting instance the key to success is the quality of the lifting equipment and ensuring your using the right equipment for the job. Moving and installing materials on site is an essential job that can be made easier by working with LGH&S.

Hoisting Equipment

We supply a range of hoisting equipment and can advise on the most suitable option for your project. Air hoists, chain blocks, electric hoists and all accessories and controls.

A key piece of equipment used in construction projects are our Air Hoists. They are simple to transport and suit hoisting applications in many environments. The JDN brand is known for its reliability and ease of operation.

Materials Handling Equipment

LGH&S supply the very best materials handling equipment. Our hire equipment is powerful, portable, safe and capable of moving any product no matter the environment.

An example of this equipment is our Portable Gantry Cranes. They are simple to transport and set up. They can lift up to 1500kg. The Feltes Gantry Crane provides an optimal balance between portability, ease of use and load bearing ability.

If you are working on a large construction project involving heavy lifting or fragile materials. Contact us today to receive the best equipment and advice.