LGHS adds Life Boat Test Kits to Rental Fleet

life boat test kits testing boat

Lifting Gear Hire & Sales has recently added Seaflex Life Boat Test Kits to its rental fleet.

Building on the Seaflex Water Load Bag range of test weights LGHS has added the versatile multi unit system for testing lighter, enclosed loads with access issues such as lifeboats and elevators.

Outstanding performance, robust fabrics, reliable RF welded seams and general ease of use have made Seaflex life boat test kits the first choice for ever-increasing number of lifeboat testing and certification houses around the world.

Test easily as the Seaflex kit consists of a series of 375 kilogram water bags coupled to a remote filling and discharge manifold. This allows the required load to be safely applied in spaces where traditional solid weights are difficult to position.

For more on Life Boat Test Kits visit here.