Triangle Equalising Plates

Triangle equalising plates (monkey / delta) are primarily used in equalising of load with multiple slings and also for towing. Manufactured from High Tensile steel and available in several sizes. Buy or hire we have the right solution for you.

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Triangle Equalising Plates

Triangle Equalising Plates for hire, rental and sale. When using multiple sling legs this device provides a means of equalising forces within the legs. Connection is made via standard Grade “S” bow shackle and can be used with chain, wire rope or synthetic slings. Ideal in compensating for differences in load lift points and sling lengths.

Lifting Gear Hire & Sales has capacities ranging from 10 to 85 tonne.

Hire Fleet

WLL Tare Weight Shackles Required PDF Download
5t 10kg 6.5t upper & 3.2t lower Download
10t 15kg 12t upper & 6.5t lower Download
20t 25kg 25t upper & 12t lower Download
30t 40kg 35t upper & 17t lower Download
50t 90kg 55t upper & 35t lower Download
85t 130kg 85t upper & 55t lower Download
120t 190kg 120t upper & 85t lower Download