Snatch Blocks

High Quality Snatch Blocks. Opening side plate to allow insertion of rope while block is suspended.

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Snatch Blocks

Snatch blocks for hire & rental or sale. We supply capacities ranging from 2t to 85 tonnes which are suitable for a variety of construction and maintenance applications. Lifting Gear Hire & Sales has a large range of options to suit your specific requirements including Swivel Shackle, Swivel Oval and Swivel Hook.

Lifting Gear Hire & Sales also has a range of concrete lifting clutches which are suitable for lifting pre-cast concrete panels.

Hire Fleet

McKissick Snatch Block Swivel Shackle
Working Load Limit Sheave Diameter Wire Rope Size Weight
2t 76mm 8-10mm 1.9kg
4t 114mm 10-13mm 5.44kg
8t 152mm 16-19mm 12.6kg
8t 203mm 16-19mm 15.4kg
8t 254mm 16-19mm 19.1kg
8t 305mm 16mm 22.2kg
8t 356mm 19mm 25.4kg
15t 406mm 19mm 61kg
15t 457mm 22mm 70kg
20t 203mm 26-28mm 39.5kg
20t 305mm 26-28mm 52kg
20t 356mm 26-28mm 61kg
25t 457mm 26-28mm 118kg
30t 305mm 25-28mm 83kg
30t 356mm 25-28mm 90kg
60t 305mm 28mm 143kg