Shackles Sling Saver

Sling Saver Shackles ranging from 55t to 250 tonne. Van Beest Green sling saver shackles are known for their superior quality.

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Shackles Sling Saver

Shackles Sling Saver ranging in capacity from 50t to 250 tonnes. Full range of Van Beest Sling Saver Shackles. Van Beest Green Pin shackles are known for their superior quality.

Also know as super wide shackles are generally used with large wire rope slings. The wider surface area offers an increased bearing and less stress on the wire construction.

Hire Fleet

WLL Pin Diameter Diameter Body Inside Length Weight
55t 57mm 60mm 240mm 30kg
125t 80mm 85mm 366mm 92kg
150t 95mm 94mm 391mm 140kg
200t 105mm 110mm 481mm 205kg
250t 120mm 126mm 542mm 264kg