Renfroe Lifting Clamps

Full range of Renfroe Lifting Clamps.

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Renfroe Lifting Clamps

Renfroe Lifting Clamps with either locking and/or screw type mechanism. The best choice for horizontal and vertical Lifting of steel plate and girders.

Our Range:

  • Model DWS: Model DWS is a horizontal lifting clamp utilising Renfroe’s famous “locked closed” feature. This clamp comes in four sizes. Recommended for use in pairs.
  • Model HRS: Horizontal lifting clamp has a spring loaded open and closed position. The spring closed position allows on-man operation of multiple clamps.
  • Model JPA: Vertical lifting clamp capable of turning a single plate or member from horizontal to vertical through a 180 degree arc. Incorporates a push button auxiliary lock. Permits side loading of lifting shackle to 90 degrees by de-rating of clamp’s rated capacity.
  • Model SCPA: Locking Screw Type Clamp is capable of handling steel plate from horizontal to vertical to horizontal through 180 degree arc and may be used for handling plate at rolling and forming machines. These clamps feature a spring loaded pivoting cam jaw that “cams in” when a load is applied to the lifting shackle.
  • Model NM: Features smooth gripping surfaces to prevent marring when gripping stainless steel, copper, aluminium and other polished metal plates. Not intended for use in transportation of plates using mobile equipment where shocking of the load may occur

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