Pull Tester PT21

Perform load testing of pad eyes, eyebolts, D-rings, and other lifting points. The PT21 pull tester is lighter, smaller and stronger. Revolutionary design allows easy and safe use.

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Pull Tester PT21

Pull Tester PT21 is the most efficient and cost-effective pad eye tester available. Lighter, smaller and stronger. This unit offers ease of use and safety to technicians. The industry standard for pad eye testing.


Pull Tester PT21 offers revolutionary features that ensure your operation is quicker and safer.


  • Weighs only 10kg. One-third of comparable models
  • Easy to carry and easy to place into position


  • Pulling capacity of 21 metric tons
  • New aerospace grade aluminium allows for a large pulling capacity within a small design. Over 50% smaller than other models
  • Test larger lift points in tight spaces and locations

Ergonomic & Functional Design

  • Perfectly contoured to fit your hand the D shape handle makes lifting the light frame even easier. Located at the top of the unit making it easy to pick and walk with. Makes working with horizontally or vertically simple
  • Twist the handle to adjust the height of the clevis. Position the tester and go straight into adjusting it’s height. By not having to remove your hand operation is quicker and safer
  • The PT21 has a single clevis that can be used all the way from 0 up to its max pull capacity
  • Self-locking pins & anti rotating clevis to maximise safety on your operation

Pull Tester PT21 has a variety of use applications including:

  • Mining – Ensure the suitability of a lifting lug and confidently proof load test with the pT21
  • Offshore – Perfect for fast and effective proof load testing of temporary or permanent restraint anchors
  • Precast – Proof load testing of lifting clutches in order to meet industry standard requirements
  • Anchor Testing – The industries largest capacity concrete anchor testing device.

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Construction Capacity Weight
Aerospace grade aluminium 21000 kg 10kg