Load Rollers

Load Rollers available for hire. We have a wide selection with capacities ranging from 2t to 18 tonne per roller. Multi directional and steerable rollers available for rental.

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Load Rollers

Load roller skates and load moving systems for the easy movement of light and heavy weight machinery. Also available as a Steerable Load Skate System comprising of a steerable front section and a pair of adjustable rear trolleys.
Our Range of Load rollers are the ideal solution to moving all size loads. Load moving equipment systems with polyurethane castor wheels are ideal for moving heavy machinery on modern industrial flooring.

Heavy duty construction with low rolling resistance designed to protect expensive coated surfaces. The steerable Load moving equipment systems are easy to use with reduced rolling resistance.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Complete with swivel plate
  • Nylon rollers allow for easy movement and protect floors
  • Suitable for industrial applications

Lifting Gear Hire & Sales also has a range of Load Skates for hire.

Hire Fleet

Load Roller with turntable
WLL per roller 6t 12t 18t
Model LGH-N060-T LGH-N120-T LGH-N180-T
Unit length 310mm 500mm 500mm
Unit width 222mm 222mm 310mm
Unit height 98mm 98mm 100mm
Weight 13kg 26kg 41.5kg


Load Roller with turntable – Steerable
WLL per roller 6t 12t 18t
Model LGH-N060-TH LGH-N120-TH LGH-N180-TH
Unit length 280mm 515mm 515mm
Unit width 432mm 630mm 810mm
Unit height 115mm 115mm 115mm
Weight 27.4kg 50.8kg 54kg


Load Roller with turntable – Multi Directional
WLL per roller 2t 4t
Model LGH-LS020-MD LGH-LS040-MD
Unit length 621mm 698mm
Unit width 450mm 522mm
Unit height 110mm 110mm
Weight 21kg 35kg