Load Cells Compression

Compression Load Cells enable very precise load measuring by compression. Hire NATA certified and calibrated compression cell testing kits today.

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Load Cells Compression

Load Cells Compression kits available for rental. Our kits are NATA certified, fully tested, calibrated and supplied with full operating instructions. Hire cells with capacities ranging from 10 tonne to 150 tonne per cell.


  • High accuracy and low profile
  • Ideal where height is restricted and/or eccentric or side loads are encountered
  • Place under machinery or structures to record weight/force.
  • Use indoors or outdoors for all industrial weighing applications.
  • Weigh up to 600 tonne capacity with our kit using four 150 tonne compression load cells.

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WLL Accuracy Standard Cable Length PDF Specifications
10t ±0.02% 5m Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 jpeg
 60t ±0.02% 6m Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 jpeg
 150t ±0.67% Wireless Radio Remote Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 jpeg