Load Cell Hire

Load Cell Hire and Sales

Load Cell hire, rental and sales of Safe-T-Weigh Tension Load Cells with very precise load weighing. The load cells in our rental fleet are supplied with current NATA calibration. Read out is via a radio remote hand held control unit. These high quality professional load cells are available for hire or purchase. We also offer Load Cell Shackles.

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Load Cell Hire

Load Cell Hire, Rental and sale of Safe-T-Weigh load cells. With proven wireless technology which uses a robust 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio thus can intelligently ‘hop’ frequency channels to provide error free, reliable load readings up to 100 metres. Furthermore the Safe-T-Weigh Load Cell with Handheld Readout displays the real time applied load value in clear 15mm high digits. With display back lighting is therefore easy to read in all conditions. Standard features include push button tare, peak hold and most noteworthy a unit conversion function is also included to cycle the displayed load between tonnes, kg, lb, tons & short tons.

Safe-T-Weigh Radio Telemetry Load Indicators are a breakthrough in portable electronic force weighing and crane weighing devices. Wireless Load Cells can also be used for quick and simple load checking, proof testing, tension measurement, overload prevention. The easy solution for under hook weighing. Safe-T-Weigh load cells are light weight yet durable, portable and reliable, the best choice load cells available.

Most of all Safe-T-Weigh load cells are the best choice for Quick and Simple Load Check, Testing and Under-Hook Weighing in a Totally Portable Operation. Standard Range 2 to 150 Tonnes Lightweight & High Strength Aluminium Link Body and also Worldwide Licence Exempt 2.4GHz. Operating Frequency Range: 100 metres Battery Life: 70 hours.

We also carry a range of compression load cells.

Load Cell Hire Fleet

  • 6.5t Radio Remote
  • 12t Radio Remote
  • 25t Radio Remote
  • 55t Radio Remote
  • 120t Radio Remote
  • 150t Radio Remote
  • 300t Radio Remote

We also offer a range of Load Cell Shackles with radio data logging direct to PC.

Hire Fleet

WLL 6.5t 12t 25t 55t 120t
Type Radio Remote Radio Remote Radio Remote Radio Remote Radio Remote
Unit length 260mm 292mm 370mm 470mm 640mm
Unit width 100mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 220mm
Unit height 34mm 40mm 55mm 85mm 115mm
Link Weight 2.5kg 6.5kg 7kg 14.5kg 40kg
Accuracy of reading ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Range 100m 100m 100m 100m 100m