Hydraulic Cylinders

We hire a range of Hydraulic Jacking Cylinders for a wide range of applications. Allowing you to lift objects safely and efficiently from 5 to 200 tonne capacity.

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Lifting Gear Hire & Sales has a range of hydraulic cylinders available for hire. Ranging from 5t to 200t capacity.

Our general purpose cylinders are ideal for holding, clamping and lifting applications. Ideal for any industrial application including lifting, pushing & pulling. Available in a range of force capacities, stroke lengths or size restrictions. Single acting or low height we can provide the hydraulic jack to suit your application.

Low height, singe acting (S/A), double-acting (D/A), low-profile, hollow piston and lock nut cylinders. We have lifting cylinders to suit your project.

Features Include:

  • Single-acting hydraulic cylinder with one port and pretensioned spring return of piston rod after stroke
  • Round body with single piston rod for use in general purpose applications in any position
  • High-strength alloy steel with baked enamel finish for corrosion resistance
  • Cylinder capacity for lifting or pushing



Hire Fleet

Item Type Capacity Stroke Min Height Ext Height Weight
Hydraulic Cylinder 5t / 16mm S/A 5t 16mm 41mm 57mm 1kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 5t / 76mm S/A 5t 76mm 165mm 241mm 1.5kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 5t / 127mm S/A 5t 127mm 215mm 342mm 1.9kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 5t / 232mm S/A 5t 232mm 323mm 555mm 2.8kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 10t / 11mm S/A 10t 11mm 45mm 56mm 1.7kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 10t / 54mm  S/A 10t 54mm 121mm 175mm 2.3kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 10t / 203mm S/A 10t 203mm 298mm 501mm 5.4kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 10t / 257mm S/A 10t 257mm 352mm 609mm 6.6kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 10t / 356mm S/A 10t 356mm 450mm 806mm 8.2kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 20t / 45mm S/A 20t 45mm 98mm 143mm 5kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 20t / 50mm  S/A 20t 50mm 105mm 155mm 5kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 25t / 50mm S/A 25t 50mm 165mm 215mm 6.4kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 25t / 158mm  S/A 25t 158mm 273mm 431mm 10kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 25t / 210mm S/A 25t 210mm 323mm 533mm 12.2kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 25t / 311mm S/A 25t 311mm 425mm 736mm 16.3kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 25t / 362mm S/A 25t 362mm 476mm 838mm 17.7kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 30t / 368mm D/A 30t 368mm 549mm 917mm
Hydraulic Cylinder 50t / 50mm S/A 50t 50mm 110mm 160mm
Hydraulic Cylinder 50t / 101mm S/A 50t 101mm 227mm 328mm 19.1kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 50t / 159mm S/A 50t 159mm 282mm 441mm 23.1kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 50t / 337mm S/A 50t 337mm 460mm 797mm 37.6kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 60t / 100mm Hollow 60t 100mm 295mm 395mm 38kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 100t / 60mm S/A 100t 60mm 141mm 201mm 25kg
Hydraulic Cylinder 100t / 100mm S/A Lock Nut 100t 100mm 250mm 350mm
Hydraulic Cylinder 140t / 300mm D/A 140t 300mm 461mm 761mm
Hydraulic Cylinder 200t / 50mm S/A Lock Nut 200t 50mm 243mm 293mm

*Other capacities and stroke available upon request