Grade 70 Freight Chain Fittings

Full range of Grade 70 Freight Chain fittings available. Clevis grab hooks, slip hooks, lug links & load chain kits.

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Grade 70 Freight Chain Fittings

Grade 70 Freight Chain Fittings available at Lifting Gear Hire & Sales.

Full range of fittings including:

  • Clevis grab hooks: shallow throat allow for easy secure and shortening connections
  • Clevis slip hooks: to choke a load – common for towing application
  • Clevis lug links: provides the benefit of a loop to use as a tow or anchor point

G70 Chain Fittings are not to be used for any lifting purpose.


  • Fittings are manufactured from heat treated carbon steel, in accordance with AS/NZS 4344
  • High quality and has undergone stringent testing and quality control
  • Gold plating makes it easily recognisable even from a distance.