Air Winch Hire

Air winch hire from our large range of quality brand Toku and Braden air winches with capacities from 500kg to 5 tonne. Air winches can be fitted with a variety of rope lengths to suit requirements of the task at hand. Suitable for a wide variety of lifting, tugging and tensioning tasks, enquire now and we’ll match the hoist to suit your needs.

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Air Winch Hire

Air Winch rental is a great way to save and beat prohibitive capital costs. Lifting Gear Hire & Sales has a large range of air winches for hire, rental and sale. We stock quality manufactured Toku Air Winch, Ingersol Rand Air Winch, Braden Air Winch and Braden Man Rider Air Winches. Our internal maintenance programs ensure our Air winches are maintained to the highest standards and supplied with current certification. Available with a variety of rope lengths to suit your requirements with winch capacities from 500kg to 5 tonne capacities.

All of our air winches are supplied with test certificates and are maintained to manufacturer standards.


  • Lightweight & compact
  • Quick engage clutch
  • Dual brake system: failsafe brake & manual hand brake
  • Durable cast iron housing

Lifting Gear Hire & Sales also has a range of Electric Winches and Man Rider Winches available for rental.

Hire Fleet

Air Winch Model TAW-500 TAW-1000 TAW-1500 TAW-2000 BA5A
Lifting capacity  500kg 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg 5000kg
Rope length 100m x 8mm 100m x 10mm 60m x 12mm 65m x 16mm 220m x 20m
Air Pressure (MPa) 0.4     0.5     0.6 0.4     0.5     0.6 0.4     0.5     0.6 0.4     0.5     0.6
Rope Speed (m/min)  15     17.8    20 7.8     10      11.5 5.9     7.3     8.5 4.3     5.2     5.7
Air Cons (m³min) 2.7    3.1      3.4 3.2     3.6      3.9 3.2     3.7     4.1 4.1     4.5     4.9
Weight 75kg 90kg 90kg 130kg
Hose size 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm
Mounting bolts M12x4 M12x6 M12x6 M12x6