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Air Winch // Dependable Lifting

Air winch used for pulling, lifting and tensioning. Lifting Gear Hire & Sales supplies the best range of air winches available.

Firstly the high quality TOKU TAW air winch. Since TOKU was founded in 1955 it has been supplying reliable quality products. TOKU works to guarantee customer satisfactions with the quality and service of its products.


air winch

The TOKU TAW is an industrial air winch built for reliability.

It features:

  • Spool valve controls the speed and it is the common design for all models. The positive control spool valve gives the operator excellent control over the speed on both winding in and out of the wire rope.
  • Dual brake system. Having the dual brake system provides maximum safety. One automatic fail safe brake is activated instantly even if the air supply is lost and operator holds activation lever “open” – providing the ultimate safety. A secondary manual band brake is located on the winch as well.
  • Simple and robust design. The design of these winches makes them very durable especially in dirty and humid environments.
  • Cast iron housing is robust and durable – this allows the unit to be suitable for a wide range of applications, including underground mining and other hazardous areas.
  • Rated to lifting capacity at full drum.

Check out the TOKU TAW Air Winch technical specifications.


Braden BA5A

air winch

Lifting Gear Hire & Sales also supplies the larger capacity Braden Air Winch Series.

Building on the Braden tradition of superior performance and reliability, the Braden Air Series offer increased performance, superior load control and industry proven reliability. Braden utilise the field proven components of “PD” Series winch family.

It features:

  • Internal “wet” disk brake
  • Rated for lifting personnel (man riding)
  • Manual band brake
  • Drum guard
  • Heaving duty frame with lifting lugs
  • Surface anchor feet and weldable sacrificial weld on anchors

Check out the Braden 5 tonne technical specifications.


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