5 Reasons to Hire Today

rigging sling maintenance

Lifting Gear Hire & Sales has a large fleet of rigging and lifting equipment available for hire. Here’s just 5 reasons why hire may be the best option for you.

1. Reduce Costs

  • Hiring is often the most cost effective approach to your project. Especially when you receive a hire quote from us.

2. Get the Right Equipment

  • Speak to us and you’ll get the best lifting and rigging advice. We always provide the right equipment to suit the task.

3. Safe & Certified 

  • Our equipment is always certified when it leaves our warehouse so you can be certain the equipment you use works.

4. Storage

  • Don’t waste space storing equipment you no longer have a use for. Just send it straight back to our warehouse.

5. Eliminate Lost Time from Breakdowns

  • It’s frustrating when your own equipment lets you down. We understand the costs associated with lost time. When you have an equipment setback we’ll be ready to send a replacement.